Architectural Visualizations Training

900 EUR / In stock.

Architectural Visualizations Training 

This training program will focus on architecture visualizations, theory and techniques the understand- ing of which will allow you to take your rendering to another level. The program has been dedicated to intermediate and semi advanced users of 3ds max and V RAY. Beginners might find some very useful tips too (before joining we strongly recommend watching our tutorials). Lectures with professional photographers will explain what you can expect in the 3d world using the v ray cameras.

This session will teach you how to work faster and more efficient. Tricks from MOTIV production line is aimed at enhancing your workflow and final quality.


Training package:
over 20 hours training video
CGW collection volume 1, Winter collection, Spring collection, single family house full scene (trees not included)
Making of “Beat the Summer HEAT” - Cover scene
Making of “Housing Projects - Autumn in Bordeaux”

Making of “Block of flats - Autumn in Warsaw”
Making of “Chamonix winter scene”
Making of “Tram Station”
Making of ” CHAMONIX” winter scene and interior scene lighting presets and RIGS

photographs references, green screen shooting textures package (concrete, rocks, nature, shops) video tutorials
furniture models

small architecture models
grass models, plants models, animated grass models
seven 3D buidling models (housing and public type)
twenty HD single family houses
High definition car model collection
classic furniture models
Viz-People - 2D people cut outs bundle
FULL SCENES WITH SETTINGS (Beat the Summer Heat, Interior training scene) BEST EVER furniture modeling tutorial (seams, wrinkles you name it!)
much more...


Full PDF training with details

(This course requires basic knowledge about 3dsmax and V ray rendering engine also compositing software like Photoshop. If you are not sure about your knowledge level please contact us over email in ABOUT US section)